Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-868-8902 for assistance.

Shipping Info

PLEASE REMEMBER -- You MUST include all applicable cd's, disks, booklets and other text supplements with your shipment to ensure proper credit.

Please ensure you have searched each title by its ISBN located on the back outside cover of the book. This ISBN is the basis for our pricing database. Compare the title listing on the packing slip with the book carefully to ensure a match. Be careful not to mistake a regular listing of a title for an alternate listing such as an annotated instructor's listing or free copy listing.

To use our prepaid labels

United States Postal Service (USPS) - Print a prepaid label by logging into your account or at the end of a sell order transaction. Drop the package off at any post office, give it to your postal carrier, or use the mailroom at your school or work.

United Parcel Service (UPS) - Complete a sell order transaction containing four or more textbooks. Print a prepaid UPS Ground label at the end of the transaction. Take your package to the nearest authorized shipping outlet, UPS driver, or shipping point from your school or work. Please make sure you use a main UPS terminal, not a retail shipping center referred to as "Authorized Shipping Outlets". Retail Authorized Shippers, or local office supply stores, generally apply an additional charge up to 50% of the actual cost of the freight. We will honor our pledge to pay the freight, but your cooperation will help control shipping costs. By helping us minimize freight costs, we can continue to offer the highest prices possible for your textbooks.

To ship on your own

Use the following address if you do not have a ready made label:
c/o Texas Book Company
8501 Technology Circle
Greenville, Texas 75402

You may use any carrier method that is most convenient to you. However, will only reimburse you standard ground freight. If you choose to ship to us via an expedited method, we will only reimburse what standard ground freight charges would have been. Any expedited method you choose to use will be at your expense. Please attach a copy of the shipper's receipt to your packing slip.